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So I have this reoccurring dream

Kaitin and I are someplace like Target or Toys R Us and as we are nearing the area in the toy section that has Ponies we come across re-release of G1 Ponies. I had that dream three times. I do hope it is a premonition. Hasbro has done G1 re-release of the original six aka collectors ponies and the Rainbow ponies and that was for the 25th anniversary and this year is the 30th year.

It would be sweet if they did another re-release especially of the baby ponies and princess ponies.


Fluids leaking out of my face holes and my digestive system has been expelling stuff on both ends. I'm going to try some tea and toast.

Kaitlin is fine and dandy.


There are freaking ponies everywhere!!!

of course most of them used to be mine, but I'm tripping in ponies here.

oh jeeze

Why is it that anyone that has the word Otaku as part of their Username turns out to be El Guano Loco?


Well I did it. I asked for an invite yesterday and it came into the e-mail today. I have signed up for the Kudos infused fic archive of AO3. Why did I wait so long? Eh I guess it's because of some of the snotty elitist authors on that site who look down their noses at people who still post at FFnet.

Oh well I'm there now.

Pretty darn tired right now. Kaitlin woke me up at a few minutes before seven. We had some fun outside. We had a little dance party inside. She is still recovering from a cold and I've been popping extra zinc and vitamin C to keep from getting sick.

Although I am getting a bit more energized from these sugar hearts with the messages on them. Yeah I know it won't last long but it will be enough for me to get the dishes done and clean the kitchen floor.

ooh shiny

Brand new V-day egg

Adopt one today!

Thank you in advance.
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