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Big Update

Gonna at least try and post something once a month.

1. First of all and the most important. I'm pregnant again. 24 weeks now and didn't know until a month ago. Didn't experience the same signs I had with Kaitlin and I have gone months without a period before this year due to lack of ovulation.

The baby will be a girl and picked out Megan as a first name. Still going to decide on the official spelling and middle name although Kaitlin insists it will be Lara.

Kaitlin is looking forward to being a big sister and has kissed my belly several times.

2. Had our anniversary on Tuesday. Started with a long drive to the Bone and Joint Clinic to check on Kaitlin's foot. Still looking good and improving.

6th anniversary theme is candy. Will bought me some Godiva and I made a basket filled with various peanut butter based candy bars and a bag of Reeses Pieces and a bag of peanut butter M and Ms

Dinner that night was Chinese take out.

3. Kaitlin went on her first field trip two days ago. She wore the official school shirt and had a sack lunch. Everything was hunky dory until 3:30 when the school called me and told me she had a 101 fever and sore throat. Spent the rest of the day and yesterday treating her.

4. Kaitlin is much better now, nice and cool with no aches or soreness, just a bit of a cough. Went to school in her Ariel costume for her school Halloween party.
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