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Punched in the nose by ragweed

Been sniffly and stuffy the past few days. I was worried cause Kaitlin is getting over a cold and had a bad fever on Wednesday. However since everything I blow out and cough up has been clear and I have not experienced a sore throat, fever, lethargy or that dizzy pudding head feeling I normally get when I get sick and the fact my eyes are a bit itchy I know it's just allergies...also the pollen count has been very high.
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Big Update

Gonna at least try and post something once a month.

1. First of all and the most important. I'm pregnant again. 24 weeks now and didn't know until a month ago. Didn't experience the same signs I had with Kaitlin and I have gone months without a period before this year due to lack of ovulation.

The baby will be a girl and picked out Megan as a first name. Still going to decide on the official spelling and middle name although Kaitlin insists it will be Lara.

Kaitlin is looking forward to being a big sister and has kissed my belly several times.

2. Had our anniversary on Tuesday. Started with a long drive to the Bone and Joint Clinic to check on Kaitlin's foot. Still looking good and improving.

6th anniversary theme is candy. Will bought me some Godiva and I made a basket filled with various peanut butter based candy bars and a bag of Reeses Pieces and a bag of peanut butter M and Ms

Dinner that night was Chinese take out.

3. Kaitlin went on her first field trip two days ago. She wore the official school shirt and had a sack lunch. Everything was hunky dory until 3:30 when the school called me and told me she had a 101 fever and sore throat. Spent the rest of the day and yesterday treating her.

4. Kaitlin is much better now, nice and cool with no aches or soreness, just a bit of a cough. Went to school in her Ariel costume for her school Halloween party.
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Gathering related dream

I had an odd Gathering dream the other night. From what I remembered from it Aaron and Nicholle Owens were playing a game of horseshoes and we were listening to this song on the radio with the following lyric "I was shot of a large dark mammal's coochie." Causing everyone to laugh and say "WTF?" There was also a bit of the Radio Play in the dream, and Tom Hiddleston was in it.
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(no subject)

Watched the Special Feature of the Gathering on our Gargoyles 1st season DVD and pointed out to Kaitlin who the people were and pointed out Daddy to her. Also talked about what they were doing now thanks to Facebook such as Dylan and Stormy getting their first house recently and brought up the fact that Kathy Writes great Sherlock and Supernatural fics.
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Dreamwidth based fanfiction

In Two Different Parts of the World a Hunter and a Detective track down their suspects to come across two similar enchanted objects that cause them to live each other's lives.

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3: